Photos: Copyright Christoph Kawan / HHU

Wirtschaftsprofessor Laguna de la Vera

Finally, it has started again: The ‘Heinrich Heine Economics Professorship’. After a Corona-related break, Rafael Laguna de la Vera, founding director of SPRIND – Federal Agency for Leap Innovations, is the bearer of the Heinrich Heine Economics Professorship in 2022. He spoke in the first lecture on October 26, 2022 about “Leap Innovation”. What innovations do we need and where do they come from?” Students and interested members of the public learned about innovations, the difference between them and leap innovations, and how to increase the number of tech startups in Germany.

The November 22, 2022 event will have the theme “Leap Innovation – What ecosystem does innovation need? Private and state, framework conditions”. In addition to students, interested members of the public can also participate.

Former professorship holders:

Dr. Kurt Bock, Chairman of BASF SE and President of VCI since 2016 (2017)

His topic: The transformation of the chemical industry – consequences for company management and politics: “Chemistry 4.0”, “Circular economy” and innovations for a sustainable future – these are just a few of the solutions to current challenges that the chemical sector can use to safeguard its competitiveness.

Dr. Kurt Bock has spoken about the technological and social trends in the industry, as well as the macroenonomic and strategic industrial challenges that are demanding more of management boards – for example, in terms of strategic direction or portfolio and innovation management. When it comes to digitalization in particular, companies need to distinguish between fact and fiction in opportunities and risks, and implement the right measures. But it’s not just the responsibility of companies – politics also has a role to play, for example with the creation of an innovation-friendly regulatory framework in Europe.